So I’m crazy about Artistry products, I use them, I sell them, I flat out think they are great! But this is the frist product that really sold me.  Artistry’s Time Defiance Conditioning Toner. Its awesome! Toning takes less than 5 seconds, really, and gets off all the excess makeup, dirt, oil, and minerals from the shower. Some people have mixed feelings about using toner, but I can say from my perspective that it took me from getting a new pimple virtually every day, to maybe once a month.

The best part is that it’s slightly moisturizing, and uses oat extract as a super gentle exfoliater (a patented formula from Artistry). As a result you get this fantastic tingly clean feeling. This product works great if you have oily or dry skin, suffer from acne, or have anti aging concerns as it includes ingredients that protect collagen.

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Important Info:

  • It runs $32.50 for 8.45 fl oz.
  • In my experience it lasts about a month and half
  • Non-comedogenic and non-acneogenic
  • Alcohol Free
  • Dermatologically and allergy tested