The best product combination I have found for greatly reducing the appearance of pimples overnight is simple and inexpensive. I have not had much success using expensive targeted products that are designed to eliminate acne. What has worked for me is a mixture of toothpaste, anti-bacterial creme (not ointment), and a salicylic acid product. The benefit of SA is that its one of the only acne fighting ingredients in skin care that penetrates the skin surface to clean inside your pores.  Its an essential for eliminating the particularly nasty hard to get rid of pimples. I do like Artistry’s version of SA quite a bit because the consistency allows for easy mixing, and its also very effective. When those three products are mixed together dab them on the problem pimple and leave it there all night. When you wake up you will see a difference.  I know this because I just did this again tonight, and since 11:30 (about an hour ago) when I applied the solution, the redness has already decreased considerably.  I am interested to see if this works for anyone else as well as it works for me.