The best product combination I have found for greatly reducing the appearance of pimples overnight is simple and inexpensive. I have not had much success using expensive targeted products that are designed to eliminate acne. What has worked for me is a mixture of toothpaste, anti-bacterial creme (not ointment), and a salicylic acid product. The benefit of SA is that its one of the only acne fighting ingredients in skin care that penetrates the skin surface to clean inside your pores.  Its an essential for eliminating the particularly nasty hard to get rid of pimples. I do like Artistry’s version of SA quite a bit because the consistency allows for easy mixing, and its also very effective. When those three products are mixed together dab them on the problem pimple and leave it there all night. When you wake up you will see a difference.  I know this because I just did this again tonight, and since 11:30 (about an hour ago) when I applied the solution, the redness has already decreased considerably.  I am interested to see if this works for anyone else as well as it works for me.


What makes Artistry’s polishing scrub so wonderfully right for every skin type is that its gentle and effective. Save the extremely sensitive skin types, most people (yes, including men!) should exfoliate their face every day. The standard rule of thumb is applying the exfoliator using small quick circles with your finger tips. Keep your pressure hard enough to move the product, not the skin. This should be done for 15 second at least once a day. If you choose to it could then be done once a week for 2 minutes in addition to your daily routine. It’s essential to exfoliate in order to slough off dead skin cells and unclog pores. Even if you don’t have an acne problem just removing the dead skin will brighten your completion and even out tone over time. It’s also important to find a product with smooth exfoliating beads. The rough apricot scrubs should be used with caution because the uneven and sometimes sharp pieces can actually cause small lesions on your face. This is harmful to your skin, particularly around the eye area. Enter Artistry’s polishing scrub. The beads are round, the scent is bright (perfect for waking up in the morning), and its price at $24.20 is comparable to any other standard drug store product.

Thats right.  Sea salt and lemon juice is an amazing all natural way to treat and prevent acne.  I can’t take credit for this idea I got it from my friend Rochelle, but it works so well I wish I could.

Combine about a teaspoon of lemon juice and enough sea salt (it must be sea salt) to make a paste.  Wash your face with a gentle non-exfoliating cleanser first. I would suggest either the balancing or hydrating cleanser.  Carefully scrub onto face.  I would recommend that traditional exfoliating method of rubbing gently in small circles  all over your face.  Scrub for about 15 seconds – 1 minute depending on skin sensitivity.  Leave on for 5-10 minutes.  Remove gently with a warm wash cloth. Expect some stinging, and be aware that the more severe the acne the more it will sting.  I also would advise using a gentle toner afterwards to remove any residue before moisturizing.

This simple (and inexpensive!) technique should visibly improve acne in a matter of days.  Use consistently for a month and skin tone, redness, blackheads, and acne will improve dramatically.

So I’m crazy about Artistry products, I use them, I sell them, I flat out think they are great! But this is the frist product that really sold me.  Artistry’s Time Defiance Conditioning Toner. Its awesome! Toning takes less than 5 seconds, really, and gets off all the excess makeup, dirt, oil, and minerals from the shower. Some people have mixed feelings about using toner, but I can say from my perspective that it took me from getting a new pimple virtually every day, to maybe once a month.

The best part is that it’s slightly moisturizing, and uses oat extract as a super gentle exfoliater (a patented formula from Artistry). As a result you get this fantastic tingly clean feeling. This product works great if you have oily or dry skin, suffer from acne, or have anti aging concerns as it includes ingredients that protect collagen.

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Important Info:

  • It runs $32.50 for 8.45 fl oz.
  • In my experience it lasts about a month and half
  • Non-comedogenic and non-acneogenic
  • Alcohol Free
  • Dermatologically and allergy tested