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Its great working as a skin consultant and being able to recommend the best of the best products.  I know LX creme is really great but it helps out when Sandra Bullock tells that its her secret to staying young. It doesn’t get any better than that.  All you have to do is look at her skin to know she has figured something out.  Take a look at the Forbes article – not only does the actress rave about this product, but so does the writer!

Sandra Bullock, winner of the 2010 SAG award f...


Artistry’s Light Up Lip Gloss is the winner of 2012 reader’s choice award! This completely unbiased third party review site gave the gloss a 10.0! With the built in light and mirror its not that surprising it came out a winner, but I love this product so I am excited!

I wanted to write about what is for sure the most technologically advanced product from Artistry. Crème Luxury allows your skin act up to 15 years younger.  People tend to double take at this comment, a lot of people just don’t believe it, but the official stats are as follows (more product details here):

  • 93% experienced smoother skin.
  • 88% experienced a more youthful glow.
  • 84% experienced a more radiant complexion.
  • 81% saw fewer fine lines.
  • 79% saw fewer wrinkles.
  • 78% experienced younger-looking skin.
  • 67% felt skin was firmer and lifted.

That is the company’s data, but I have a lot of personal stories that attest to the effectiveness of this product also. I will explain the technical side of this product on another post.

Probably one of the coolest facts about this product is that to my knowledge it’s the only skin care product Sandra Bullock has ever endorsed.  She tried this product and actually came to Artistry and asked if she could endorse it. You can watch her commercials here.

On a more personal note my Dad actually purchased this from me and began using it.  After about 2 weeks my parents were at dinner under some overhead lights and my Mom actually asked him what was going on, because it looked like he got a face lift!  Often with this product the effects are immediate yet gradual (usually people around you notice the changes before you do, because you see your face so often).

My boyfriend John has a friend who stops by frequently at family functions (he is a young guy appx.25) He typically had a lot of red bumps and acne (a lot of which was the result of shaving).  After about a month and half of using Crème LX, John’s mom pulled him aside and asked him what in the world his friend was using on his face because it looked awesome. Not only does this product benefit wrinkles, but redness and skin dullness too.

The last story (for now – I have so many more, so ill update with new posts periodically).  After using LX on her face, my Mom would wipe the excess off on an age spot on her arm, after about 3-4 weeks she noticed it was fading!

For those of you who have been around Artistry a little while you probably know about this one, but if you dont its worth a check out.  Light Up Lip Gloss features a light, and a mirror, on the gloss.  Here is a Today Show clip highlighting it, pretty cool.

Comes in 3 colors:

Cost $15.00  ~  Find it here

Light Up Lip Gloss by Artistry